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Julian Smith’s clients over the past years have included:

Orchestrations and arrangements have been provided for: Bryn Terfel, Dennis O’Neill, Suzanne Murphy, Cecilia Bartoli, Rolando Villazon, Janice Watson, Lesley Garrett, Wynne Evans, Gwyn Hughes Jones, Charlotte Church and many other singers.


“I have always loved working with Julian, he always understands what the singer needs, be it as an arranger or a conductor. His knowledge is vast and I have learnt so much just being around the man.

“I love singing Julian's arrangements because they always work so well with the voice and, whilst being sympathetic to the singers needs, he manages to produce big and exciting sounds when they need to be.

“As a conductor he is brilliantly adaptable for all styles of music but it is his knowledge of opera which is astounding, I never worked with anyone who feels Puccini's music like Julian does.

“Long may he continue to reign as one of our foremost arrangers and conductors.”
—Wynne Evans

“Julian’s beautiful arrangements bring to life the colour, flavour and sentiment of each song in a most individual way, and they are a joy to sing.”
—Suzanne Murphy

“Julian’s arrangements and compositions which he provided for my BBC2 television series, accompanying disks and many concerts at home and abroad were always hugely successful. I cannot recommend them too strongly.”
—Dennis O’Neill

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