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Arrangements can be made for any combination of instruments or voices, and in whatever key is preferred. They can be tailored to the level of the players involved — everything from junior school level to world class symphony orchestras.


If you want your music transposed, MusicMotor will do this for you, transposing up or down into any key you want, and providing you with top-quality printed copies.


MusicMotor can provide orchestrations for all kinds of combinations of instruments, from very large symphony orchestra down to small chamber groups. MusicMotor already has many orchestrations of songs in its library, as well as a good number of Christmas Carols, and these are available on hire.


MusicMotor can compose music just for you. We can write a song for you, can set your lyrics to music, and also provide instrumental exercises. Julian Smith has composed for TV and written music for films.


Julian Smith has created editions of Purcell odes, Handel and other baroque operas, as well as the 1st version of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. MusicMotor can provide scores and parts of new critical editions tailor-made for you.

Keyboard Reductions

MusicMotor can provide keyboard reductions of any band or orchestral score and even music which you only have available on CD or tape.

Keyboard Continuo Realisations

MusicMotor can provide you with a stylish written-out keyboard continuo realisation for any baroque pieces you require.

Opera Stage Bands

MusicMotor can provide arrangements for whatever instrumental group is available of opera stage band music.

To discuss your requirements contact us.

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